We offer transformers Oil sampling in Johannesburg Gauteng. Just as a blood test provides a doctor with a wealth of information about the health of a patient, a sample of transformer oil, taken correctly, can tell service engineers a great deal about the condition of a transformer.

Oil is used both to cool the transformer and to insulate internal components. Because it bathes every internal component, the oil contains a great deal of diagnostic information. So a laboratory analysis of a sample can provide advance warning of developing conditions such as tap changer arcing.

However, the information generated from the oil analysis is only as good as the sample itself. Black Gauntlet’s in Johannesburg Gauteng service engineers have been trained in the strict routines needed to obtain a clean sample to BS 5263. These include: taking a sample while the oil is warm, and measuring the temperature so that the laboratory can then adjust the results for moisture content: pre-flushing the sample leg and running the oil quietly into a clean glass vessel to minimise degassing: and sealing the sample securely.

Maintaining transformers is not always given the attention it deserves. Transformers will self-destruct over time, and failure to collect oil samples and conduct regular transformer oil testing can allow problems to go undetected. With proper oil maintenance, however, that breakdown could take several years. The oil tests can uncover several potential problems within a transformer. The same sample can contain evidence of soluble contaminants, dielectric contaminants, and acid materials present in the oil. With so much riding on transformer maintenance, it's important to conduct and complete all the recommended tests. Power Substation Services will dispatch a qualified technician to your site to extract the samples and have them tested to your specifications.